Walmart cuts an exercise in corporate greed

After announcing that it will be raising the wage for its lowest paid workers in its U.S. stores, Walmart Corp. has been quietly cutting the hours of its workforce in an attempt to maximize profit.

At the company's annual holiday planning meeting in August, regional executives ordered store managers to rein in on expenses by cutting hours for workers.

The request has now resulted in some stores cutting hours from workers schedules, asking employees to leave shifts early or telling them to take longer lunches, according to a handful of employees at U.S. Walmart stores.

According to a worker from a Texas Walmart, staff were told that the store needed to cut 1,500 hours. Some at the store were even told to take two-hour lunch breaks to make up for the additional hours they had worked.

When Walmart cuts hours, many employees often have to fill in for other roles, covering areas usually staffed by multiple people. This practice results in longer wait times for customers seeking assistance and employees who may feel overworked.